Lucky Ball Roulette

Lucky Ball Roulette

Play Lucky Ball Roulette at Codeta

Authentic Gaming, who specialise in live casino games that feel just like the real thing, launched Lucky Ball Roulette in June 2017- a game with pay-outs that go up to 1:120.

Authentic Gaming is the only Live Casino supplier with the Lucky Ball Roulette variant that is very popular in many land-based casinos around the world. The company has signed an exclusive world wide agreement GESLtd who own the rights to the game.

Authentic Gaming will launch this rapidly growing Roulette game to online players for the first time in July 2017. The game will only be available to Authentic Gaming licensed operators such as Codeta.
The game is very popular in Australia and Asia.

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How to Play Authentic Roulette Double Wheel

Lucky Ball roulette looks slightly different to standard roulette variants. The betting layout has a Lucky Ball area above the main bets. These are the Lucky Ball side bets which you can either ignore or choose to play. 

This optional side bet can be shown or hidden by clicking on the Lucky Ball icon in the bottom half of the betting area.

There are FOUR Lucky Ball bets: Green, Blue, Orange and Purple. Once the game starts, four numbers are chosen - one for each colour and one of these Lucky Balls is picked as the Bonus Pay-out. Each Lucky Ball has a base pay-out and a bonus pay-out.

If you want to play Lucky Ball, you'll need to bet on one of the colours. Then during "Place Your Bets", Four numbers from 0-36 are selected- one for each colour. You will see them displayed.

Lucky Ball PayoutsWhen "No More Bets" is announced, one of the numbers is randomly selected to determine which of the 4 colours will pay out the bonus in that round.

When the ball lands in a pocket, if that pocket is the Lucky Ball, the side bets are paid out. 

Payouts range from 60:1 on purple to 120:1 on green.


A very popular game in land based casinos- especially in Australia and Asia, Lucky Ball roulette is bound to attract a decent following online. The pay-out on the side bets is similar to what you'd get on an American Roulette table. It makes an interesting change from standard European roulette.