Free Hour Offer

online roulettefree play rouletteAnother very popular promotion that online casinos promote is the "Free Hour" offer. Like the no deposit roulette bonus, this offer is risk free, and is a way for you to test out the games without putting down any cash. You sign up, play with some Free Play money in a special bonus account, which is normally around £750 to £1000 (but can go up to £3000), which you use to play at the casino and have a look around. This compares well to a roulette match bonus, where you need to make a deposit straight away.

Of course, the free hour money isn't yours to withdraw, but if you end up with a higher balance after an hour, you can transfer any winnings into a real account after 60 minutes. Only at this point will you need to make a deposit, not before- so it can be a neat way of testing the games out. See below for more details.

Best Free Hour Casino Bonus Offers
These offers were correct at time of publishing. 

free hour roulette1. Golden Tiger £1500, Free Hour
Golden Tiger has a £1500 Free Play offer (they also run a match deposit of you prefer). Test the games out, then transfer up to £100 after 60 minutes. Roulette bets: 25% contribution on 40x play through.

platinum play roulette2. Platinum Play 1500 Free Bets
Platinum Play offers 1500 in free bets, but you have longer to play them.: 24 hours instead of 1 hour. 30x playthrough, 10% of roulette bets contribute.

Well, there are terms and conditions attached to these offers of course. No casino is just going to give you £1000, and let you withdraw it straight away. So, how does it work?

Well, the T's and C's vary, so always check the small print on each individual offer, but in general the ideas is as follows:

  • You sign up, and are given a free pay bonus to play roulette or other games out for an hour.
  • After 60 minutes is up, if your balance is greater then your starting balance (ie you are "up"), you can then transfer the winnings into a real account. There is often a maximum amount you can win- often it's around £200 or so.
  • You will need to make a minimum deposit (say £20 to £50) to open a real account, and then the winnings are treated like any other bonus- you will need to meet the playthrough requirements (which means you'll need to make a minimum number of bets) before you can withdraw the bonus winnings.

So, yes, it is free money in the first hour, but following that it becomes more like a match bonus, as you need to make a deposit, and you get a top up. Having said that, this can be a neat way of getting a big bonus without having to deposit much money. If yo manage to transfer £200 into your real account, and you only need to make a minimum deposit of £20, you have effectively got a 1000% match bonus, which is pretty phenomenal.

But the percentages vary, so make sure you read the legalese. Also watch out for any restrictions on playing roulette when you are playing through your wagering requirements. It is normal for roulette bets to contribute less than slots bets, but some casinos won't count any roulette bets at all- avoid these casinos if you intend to play roulette, for obvious reasons.