French Roulette

free rouletteTest out our French Roulette variant below (free play- no sign up needed), or play the free demo over at Wombat Casino.
French roulette is basically a version of European Roulette (so it has one zero pocket instead of 2- better odds for the player). The important difference, is that it includes some of the more exotic bets such as Voisin du Zero (Neighbours) and Tiers du Cylindre.

French Roulette. Free Play (No Registration Required)

(Free demo not available for mobile players) 

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Best Casinos For French Roulette

We list the best casinos for playing roulette: French Style. Bon chance!

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120x60Royal Vegas.
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120x60Spin Palace.
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"La Partage"
Another really important difference, and the main reason why we feature it, is that French Roulette also adheres to a rule called "La Partage" which is beneficial to players, something you may not see on standard European games like Roulette Pro.

If you play a bet that pays even money like red/black, odd/even or 1-18,19-36, and the ball lands in the zero pocket, in standard European Roulette, you lose the bet. In American Roulette, you lose your bet on the 0 pocket AND the 00 pocket (there are two zero pockets).
In French Roulette, however, La Partage Rule applies : the rule is that you only lose half of your Even Money bet amount. What does this mean? Well, it halves the house edge to 1.3% from 2.6%. Good news for the player!